Monday, November 10, 2008

The Moth

I have a blog coming soon. Here's a poem I wrote a year and a half ago that is basically a true story. I mean something by it but I can't quite describe what that is to you. I guess I'll be a good postmodern and let you figure out what it means to you. I would like honest positive/negative feedback. It's very hard to judge your own stuff.

I do, btw, have stuff from my novel/apology of hell written but I can't get the first part right. It's very frustrating.

The Moth

Matthew Richey

I spied a moth resting upon the wall
I decided to kill her- no reason at all.
Into the water, innocent, I caused her to fall
Watching her struggle; her odds were small.

But it seemed so sad; senselessly to murder her!
What right I to decide she should swim?
That just because of some random whim,
She should die, but I the killer- the guilty- live

So I pulled her out from the water
Saved her life- I could not watch her die.
To call me her savior indeed would be a lie,
Because I never did see if she could still fly

Moth picture found here


Crista said...

I like it. I'm not an environmentalist-nazi animal-rights activist or anything ;) but hey, God made animals, fish and bugs, etc., and they're pretty cool. Why would we drown or stomp on little innocent bugs "just because"?!

(You can stomp on all the coacroches you want, though; I hate cockroaches. They're not innocent, they're pests...)

VentiAmericano said...

Kinda weird. I'll be honest, but it's far better than anything I could do!

faithbornfromdoubt said...


the poem is and isn't about a moth. It's about a moth but I'm also asking theological questions that have nothing to do with animals....

Isn't poetry kind of weird?

Thanks for the feedback.... I especially want it when I post poems or stories

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